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Charles 'Trip' Tucker III
Cmdr. Charlie Tucker IIICommander Tucker is played by Connor Trinneer.

Cmdr. Charlie 'Trip' Tucker III is the Chief Engineer of the Enterprise.  He hails from the Southern U.S. and has a brilliant mind and an off-beat way of looking at things, especially aliens.  According to Trip he has had three relationships in his life and they all failed (Breaking the Ice).

From the official site:
Commander Charles "Trip" Tucker, III
Chief Engineer
Birthplace: North America, Earth
Marital status: Single
Human male, early 30's

An old buddy of the Captain's and renowned as a gifted Orbital Engineer, Trip is a charming Southerner with an offbeat sense of humor who is always on the hunt for the next big adventure. Whether it's deep sea diving, constructing starships in orbit, or interspecies dating, Trip is good to go. Trip is the third senior officer on Enterprise, but he's a "fish out of water" when dealing with new civilizations.

From the November 2001 issue of STAR TREK: The Magazine
The young engineer is intended to be a good counterpoint to Captain Archer. "He's completely different," Says Brannon Braga. "Archer has some experience with Aliens - limited, but some - and he's spent some time out in space; he's earned his job. He was selected for it. Trip's never been to an alien world. Trip's never been to an alien civilization. Trip may be a brilliant engineer, but he does not know how to handle weird situations, and he has something of a wild, sarcastic sense of humor. He is much more of a colorful character, and he's also a real counterpoint to T'Pol, who is a picture of restraint. Trip's the kind of guy who just says what's on his mind."