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Sub Commander T'PolSub-commander T'Pol is played by Jolene Blalock.

 Sub-commander T'Pol is the Science Officer of the Enterprise.  She is a Vulcan with sex appeal stationed on the Enterprise to aid human-Vulcan relations.

From the official site:
Sub-commander T'Pol
Science Officer
Marital status: Betrothed to Koss; marriage postponed indefinitely
Vulcan female, age unknown

The Vulcans insisted that T'Pol oversee Enterprise's voyages and refused to supply starcharts unless this demand was met. This is not a position for which T'Pol volunteered. Her skill as a science officer is unquestioned, but working alongside primitive and irrational humans is an ongoing lesson in Vulcan patience. T'Pol and Archer often disagree. Eventually, though, they will learn mutual respect.