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Dr. Phlox
Dr. PhloxDr. Phlox is played by John Billingsley.

Dr. Phlox is the Medical Officer aboard the Enterprise.  He is an alien with distinctive blue eyes.  He holds an encyclopedic knowledge of alien physiology and a unique sense of alien humour.

From the official site:
Doctor Phlox
Chief Medical Officer
Previous Assignment: Starfleet Medical, via Interspecies Medical Exchange
Birthplace: Denobula
Marital status: Three wives on home planet
Office: Enterprise NX-01 Sickbay, E-Deck
Denobulan male, age unknown

A congenial fellow who balances an oblique sense of humor and a happy disposition, along with a natural scientific curiosity that retains a sense of humanity. His Sickbay is home to a growing collection of "stuff" some alive, some not gathered from various sources. At Captain Archer's request, Phlox becomes a passenger aboard the new Enterprise. Phlox's background in intergalactic medicine is indispensable, though his approach to the healing arts is sometimes startling.