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Travis Mayweather
Lt. Travis MayweatherEnsign Mayweather is played by Anthony Montgomery.

Ensign Travis Mayweather is the Helmsman of the Enterprise.  He holds the unique position of being born and raised in space--a boomer.

From the official site:
Ensign Travis Mayweather
Birthplace: E.C.S. Horizon, between Draylax and Vega Colony
Marital status: Single
Human male, mid-20's

Born and raised on a long-range transport vessel, Mayweather is one of the "space boomers." His upbringing makes him a talented pilot with an unparalleled instinct for space travel. He also seems to know how to find the interesting sites to see and locate a good time in the middle of nowhere.

Mr. Mayweather still carries with him some guilt over leaving his home ship, the Horizon, to join Starfleet. His father had expected him to one day take over the Draylax-Vega cargo run, but Travis takes consolation in the fact that his sister and her husband are still aboard with his parents.