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Jonathan Archer
Captain Jonathan ArcherCaptain Archer is played by Scott Bakula.

Captain Johathan Archer is the commander of the Enterprise.  He is a Starfleet brat who has flown in just about every type of vessel.  Archer is a born explorer who's not afraid to take risks and question orders.

From the official site:
Captain Jonathan Archer
Birthplace: San Francisco, North America, Earth
Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Henry Archer
Marital status: Single
Office: Enterprise NX-01, A-Deck Ready Room adjoining Bridge
Human male, early 40's

Charming, bold, and a born explorer. Archer is guided by a core of human decency and intuition, even when they contravene direct orders. He is independent, yet has a strong sense of duty. Archer holds a grudge against the Vulcans, whom he blames for keeping humanity stuck on Earth, but must learn to cope with a Vulcan science officer. As captain of a starship his father helped build, Archer is eager to make history and see what's out there.